Fitness Tours

Whether you are looking for a fat-buster quickfix to shed those pounds or to build on your fitness levels, our fitness tours are designed for all types of body forms with a comprehensive range of fitness programs which includes a health assessment, a nutritional plan and a personalised fitness routine! This is an ultimate fitness program tailored for men and women who seriously want to be in optimum body form.

Within the stipulated timeframe, you will set your very own fitness targets based on your fitness level to achieve your weight and fitness goals. This is a personal challenge against time and be trained by certified instructors.

Not only is this also a personal “boot camp” for you to focus and achieve on your health targets, it will be a fun, motivational fitness journey for those determined to return as healthier, fitter, confident and more attractive individuals.

Hesitate no more! Take that step and make a difference in yourself! You will be amazed how strong you can be!

If you’re keen to find out more about our Fitness tours, please drop us a line.

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